Vegan Cilantro and Chive Butters

It's not often that I can get organic corn on the cob at Whole Foods.  So, when I went shopping this week and saw that they had some, I was so excited and bought several packs.  The corn was delicious! I even went back yesterday to buy several more packs to freeze.

*cilantro butter is shown on top followed by the chive butter below.

As I was preparing the corn for dinner, I thought that plain butter was not good enough for this sweet organic corn on the cob.  So, off to the garden I headed with my kitchen shears.  

These butters are also excellent on bagels, pasta, rice, and even melted over popcorn.

Chive butter on a freshly baked garlic bagel.

Ingredients for both chive and cilantro butter:

1/2 cup Earth Balance, softened 
2 tablespoons fresh organic chives
2 tablespoons organic cilantro (leaves only)

Using 2 small bowls place 4 tablespoons each of the softened butter.

With your kitchen shears, snip the chives into small pieces.  Do the same with the cilantro leaves.

Add chives to one bowl and cilantro to the other.  Mix each thoroughly.

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