Pacifica Nail Polish Review

Recently, Pacifica (an inexpensive 100% vegan brand) launched a nail polish line. As luck would have it, I was just starting to get into both Pacifica AND nail polish at that time. I placed an order with them a few weeks ago for their Pink Moon nail color, matte top coat, glossy top + base coat, Alight BB Cream, and Vanilla Hibiscus Color Quench Lip Tint (these last two products will be reviewed in another post). To be honest, Pacifica's stuff is super cheap, so I wasn't expecting much at all out of these nail polishes. (Actually their nail polishes are a bit on the pricy side at $9, but after just spending $52 on four Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics nail polishes that turned out to be garbage, this seemed like a good deal.)

Let's talk about the matte top coat first:
Pictured above are my slightly-messy nails topped with Pacifica's matte top coat. In general, I like this top coat, but it's not AMAZING. I know matte top coats are often iffy, which leads me to be slightly impressed with this one. Maybe this is just me, but it's not really that matte, right? This time I'm wearing a single coat, but I tried two coats once and it didn't really make a difference. Sometimes, in the light, it looks perfect and crisp and flat, but other time it looks almost shiny. I do like this top coat, but I'm not entirely sure if it's the best it could be. 

Now onto Pink Moon! I love it because it has an adorable name. As far as colors go, though, it's just fine. It's probably one of my least favorite colors in my polish collection, but it's nice for when I'm not trying to make a statement. I actually think it pairs very well with the matte top coat; because this polish isn't very exciting as-is, the matte makes it very soft and pastel and cute.
NOW ONTO THE SHOW-STOPPER. HOLY GUACAMOLE, EVERYONE HAS TO BUY THIS TOP/BASE COAT. If you are like me and have had trouble finding the perfect vegan top coat, this product is for you. I can't even stress how amazing this is. It even makes my OCC polishes not that bad. When I use it with my precious Lime Crimes though, I actually have to remove my polish because it lasts too long. This is the best problem to have. It also works great with Pink Moon. I just painted my nails on Monday, and I can rely on my polish to last far into next week. This product is a holy grail among a bunch of okay items from Pacifica. I'll make sure I am never out of this product. (Just for reference, I have always used this product as both a base and top coat.)

Final thoughts:
While the Gloss 7-Free Top & Base Coat is now my holy grail, the Matte 7-Free Top Coat and 7-Free Nail Color in Pink Moon did not blow my mind. But that's okay, because I still like them. However, the big problem is, out of Pacifica's 25 colors, Pink Moon is the only one that appeals to me. The only other two colors I could maybe see myself buying are Heart of Gold and Unicorn Horn (that one's kinda a must just for the name). All of the other colors just scream "60-year-old-woman trying to stay hip on her Caribbean cruise with her big shawl and gold jewelry" to me. This is actually a legitimate problem that I have with Pacifica as a whole; they could do with some rebranding. I mean, seriously, the best top coat EVER is hiding behind this horrible image. SET IT FREE.

Thanks for reading! Happy polishing!

*I discovered these products on my own and purchased them with my own money. This review was in no way endorsed by the aforementioned company.*

This is a guest post from Hannah.

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