iPad Easel

Pretty neat, huh?  I saw a similar project in a magazine earlier this year. I can't remember which magazine, but when I saw it I knew I had to make one.

I still use my many cookbooks and I have a book holder for them in the kitchen.  But I also use my iPad and I like having my iPad standing up rather than laying flat.

This holder can also be used anywhere in your home.  It's very convienent when I am sewing or crafting too.  All you need is a level surface and you are good to go.
I painted mine; you can also distress the edges for a shabby chic look.

For this project you will need glue.  I use Weldbond. It's from a company in Canada, and they don't test on animals.


1 cutting board (mine is a wood 8"x 6" from IKEA)
Spare wood
Paint (optional)

Cut a piece of wood for the stand into a 30-60-90 degree triangle. The 60 side goes on the bottom, giving your iPad a 120 degree tilt.  Cut a piece of 1/4 round trim the width of the cutting board and glue it to the bottom of the board for the lip.  Paint the cutting board, the front lip, and the back stand.

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