Watch Jewelry

Round, square, with hands or without, working or broken I want them!  Go to any flea market or antique fair and you will find these small treasures hidden in old boxes, their "watch faces" peeking out from under jewelry trying to be noticed.  I have not found an ugly vintage watch face yet.   Gorgeous faces these watches have, some have jewels, others have intricate engraving with the most delicate of hands.

The possibilities are endless in using these precious keepers of time; make a ring, necklace, or a pin. As you can see from the picture any size or shape will work, you can use women's or men's watch faces.

The back of the faces are just as beautiful; here you see the inner workings of these time pieces.  Showcase the back of watch when making a ring, or the actual working watch face.  Now you will have jewelry that also is a watch.  How cool is that?  The next time someone asks you for the time, just look at your ring, because you will have time on your hands!

To make the ring, all you need is a ring blank, glue and a watch face.  You can also use crystals to jazz up a simple watch face.  A few of my watch faces have jeweled wind up knobs, bonus!

For a necklace, get a bail, glue, and a watch face.

The pin will need a pin closure, glue, and watch face.  You will need a flat surface to glue the pin closure onto the watch face.

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