Garden Decor

As I was sitting in my garden this weekend enjoying the cool morning temperatures before the afternoon heat sets in, I noticed I had a few items in my garden that might be of interest to others.

My first item is my water feature.  I made this using an old oil/gas vessel I bought at a flea market.  I purchased a basic water pond pump, attached a water spicket to a piece of pump, then attached the pipe to the pump.  You can adjust the water pressure by the spicket, just like a faucet on a sink.

This is a vintage tub that we hooked up to a spicket that is attatched to our garden hose.  I clean my veggies from the garden in the tub before I bring them in the house.  Or, it's perfect for washing your dirty hands after working outside.  Once for a party we filled it with ice and filled the tubs with drinks.

This idea is truly one of my favorites.  I bought this old mailbox at an antique fair.  You would think finding an old mailbox would be easy, but it took me months to find this one. Worth the wait though!

Lastly, my chandelier that I purchased from a garage sale.  It originally was a shiny gold before I spray painted it white. I put faux candles in the bulb sockets.  This chandelier is very pretty at night hanging in my garden, a very unexpected lighting fixture that can hang from your trees or garden hooks.

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