Vanilla Salt

Kick your ordinary table salt to the curb.  Vanilla salt will be taking over from now on.  The uses for vanilla salt are endless.  The obvious use is for baking, but how about on freshly popped pop corn? Fresh fruit? Or, better yet, how about on freshly boiled corn on the cob??!!

The aroma of the vanilla bean will linger in your kitchen as you prepare this salt.  You won't be able to restrain yourself from baking a cake and starting to sing like Doris Day!

Also, this salt makes a lovely gift for that person who thinks they have everything they need to make their favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.


3 organic vanilla beans (any variety will work)
1/2 cup coarse salt


In a small bowl add salt.

On a cutting board, split each vanilla bean down the entire length of the bean; try not to split through to the other side.

Using a small knife, scrape the seeds out by running the blade down the entire length of the bean.  Scrape the seeds into the salt; repeat with remaining beans.  Do not discard the beans when you are done scraping.

Using your hands, gently mix the seeds into the salt.  The seeds will be clumpy, so separate with your fingers as you mix.

Cut up the scraped beans into 2" inch pieces.   I like to layer the salt with the cut up beans.  Leaving the beans in with the finished salt will give an extra boost of flavor and aroma.

Vanilla beans do have a fair amount of moisture, so your salt may become clumpy.  If this happens, shake the jar before using.

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