Button Rings

Vintage buttons, that's what I collect.  Glass and plastic, small and large, I collect them all.  Years ago I hit pay dirt when I was at an antique market, a vendor had a HUGE bowl of buttons.  The cost was $1 for a large spoon's worth.  But I didn't want to risk getting buttons that I didn't like, so I hand-picked each button and placed them in the large spoon.  I love buttons, but not ugly ones; I guess I am a button snob.

I like to sort mine by color, a vintage baking pan is perfect for this.  It will keep all your buttons neat and organized, plus makes a lovely display.

I mostly make rings and pins using my buttons.  I receive many compliments when I wear my button jewelry.  People are surprised when I tell them the simple process of how I created the jewelry.  

What I love the most about making my own jewelry is that it's a one-of-a-kind.  Your friends and neighbors can't go to the store down the street and buy the same jewelry.  I say, make it yourself if you can.

Trust me, this is jewelry you can make.  All you need are several buttons, glue, and a ring blank.  So, raid your mother's or grandmother's sewing boxes, go to garage sales or flea markets.  You can also purchase new buttons from craft centers; you can also buy the ring blanks there also. Ring blanks usually come in adjustable sizes, so no need to know your ring size.

To make a ring I usually stack 2-3 buttons, or you may just want to use 1 button.  Choose your buttons based on the size, style, and colors that you like.  Maybe you want to make a ring to match your new summer sundress, or to give to your friend for her birthday.  If for a gift, I would choose the buttons in her favorite color(s). 

First step:  pick your buttons, if you are using 2 buttons you will want 2 different sizes.  The largest button will be on the bottom.  

2nd step: place glue on the entire top surface of your ring blank.  Some ring blanks have a flat disc on top, others just a flat surface.  Only put glue on those areas.

3rd step: place the largest button in the glue and hold for a few seconds.  Gently set the ring down, if you can prop it up against something, that would be good, or you can wear the ring this is the easiest for me.  Let sit for at least 10 minutes to let harden.

4th step: place glue on top of the first button, then gently lay your second button on top, press down for a few seconds.  Again, gently prop it up and let dry.

5th step: the most exciting part, try your new ring on!  Now go out and show it off!

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