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I've made seitan a couple of times and each time the texture was a little gummy. You know what I mean? Right? It's like the inside never was cooked.  Maybe I was cutting my seiten pieces too thick or not cooking them long enough.  Probably a combination of both; who knows?  So, I thought, why not give it another try?  Then, I happened upon a recipe from that was in an older issue of Vegan Life magazine from their June 2015 issue.

I am not sure if it's a better recipe for seitan or if I've learned from my mistakes, but this seiten is devilishly good!


1 cup vital wheat gluten
2 t organic smoked paprika
2 T nutritional yeast
3/4 cup water
2 T organic olive oil
1 T organic soy sauce
Organic vegetable broth for simmering


In a medium bowl, combine the gluten, paprika, and nutritional yeast.  Add the water, oil, and soy sauce.  Knead the seiten in the bowl for a few minutes.

Divide the seiten in half with a large knife, then in half again.  Continue cutting each piece in half until you have approximately 30 bite sized pieces.

Place a large skillet on the stove and fill with 1/2 inch of vegetable broth.  Bring to a simmer and add seiten.  Do not boil the seiten, you want a gentle simmer for 8-10 minutes.

Remove cooked seiten from the skillet; now, depending on what you will be making with the seiten you can discard the broth or keep it.  If you are making a stew or a stir fry you could definitely use the broth for that.

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  1. I've cooked seitan several times before and it was gummy every time. I'm glad to see it is not just me. I'll try this recipe soon, maybe the texture will improve. Thanks for sharing!


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