Be My Valentine!

Valentines Day is coming, and you know what that means!  The search for the perfect card that shows your love, devotion, and admiration!  It's a lot of pressure, I know.  So, you're at the store and you've  opened and read every card, and of course nothing! These cards have no emotion, no character, ugh! Well now what do you do?  I say go to an antiques store, and look for antique Valentines Day cards.  Now these cards have substance, they have adorable graphics, the sweetest poems, and charm.

Also, while you are there, look for antique sheet music.  Find song books that have valentine related words in the song titles.  Words like, love, heart, and romance.  Exciting isn't it?  A truly unique token of your affection will be given to your sweetheart.

The next step is to make the envelope out of the music sheets.  Go online and print out an envelope template.  I found mine at Chia's Rubber Stamp Art.  Look for a template that will fit your size card.

Cut out the template and lay it over the part of the sheet music that you want shown on your card.

Cut along the template, fold in one flap at a time, while securing with double sided tape or glue.

Slide your sweetheart's card inside, seal with a kiss, and your are ready for Valentine's Day!

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