Halloween Stockings

Why not have Halloween stockings? Christmas shouldn't have all the fun!  I wish I thought of this years ago!

My daughter stopped trick-or-treating some time ago because most of the candy that is handed out is not vegan.  Even though she is now a teenager, I would like to try to make up for lost candy.  This is were the Halloween stocking comes in.  I have made stockings for my daughter, husband, and our furry family member.  On Halloween Eve, I will fill each stocking with goodies, delicious vegan chocolates and other sorts of vegan candy, along with small trinkets.  Kipper, our basenji, will also receive treats and maybe a stuffed toy or two.

I am very excited to start this new tradition, as Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Now, I have to admit, I am not a great sewer by any means.  I do have cutting measurements for the fabric, but I also like to wing it. So, each stocking looks a little different.  I call it, giving each piece character!  The first stocking I made turned out the best in my opinion. All the fabric I used was from other projects. My stockings are rather simple, if you are more skilled at sewing more embellishments can be added.


I free handed the shape of the stocking for each one.  I am sure a
template can be found on-line if you like.

For this stocking I liked the wrong side of the fabric better, more halloweeny I thought.  

The measurements are: 
19 1/2 " long
5 1/2" wide
9" wide to the point of the foot were it curls up.

Stitch all edges together, then insert your hand into the stocking and gently pull the fabric and up and through to reveal the correct side of the fabric being used.

I then turned down the top of the stocking to make a cuff. 

 Next, cut a 3 x2 inch piece of matching fabric for the loop that you will hang the stocking by.  Sew into the back of the very top of the inside.

Now go hang your stockings and wait for the Great Pumpkin to come!

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