Chalkboard Paint Pumpkins

These aren't your typical pumpkins, there not round, fat, or for that matter orange!  I consider them an abstract version of the typical orange gourd.  You can use orange chalkboard paint; but to be honest, I had black already, so that's what I used.

Oh well, all I know is I am the only one in my neighborhood who has one, and I love that!  My neighbors can't run down the street to our local big box store and purchase one.  Mass produced goods are not appealing to me.  Come on people, let's be creative!  

Autumn is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday.  

This project will be among the first of many! So get ready for some unique craft projects!

Materials needed:

1 piece of 4x4 lumber (I repurposed some railing posts)
*My pumpkins are 1 foot tall, you can make them any height you prefer.

Saw (circular saw or a power miter saw makes it easier)
White spray paint 
Chalkboard paint (any color you prefer)
Paint brush
Thick branches
Screw (the double ended thread type like used on furniture or I used a deck screw)
Chalk or chalkboard markers
Ribbon (opitional)


Cut the 4x4 to your desired length.

Drill a hole in the top center for the screw that holds on the stem.

Spray with white spray paint, I used this as my primer.

Paint with chalkboard paint, several coats  will be needed.

Drill a hole in your branch.

When paint is dry, drive the screw into the hole in the top of the 4x4. If using a deck or wood screw, drive the screw in about half way then cut the head off right at the last thread (I used a dremel tool with cutoff wheel, but a hacksaw would also work).  This way you can thread the branch on from the top for the stem.  Add ribbon and display.

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