Homemade Vegan Chocolate Extract

Do you love chocolate?  I mean really love chocolate?!  Well I do!  So much so that I eat chocolate everyday, I have too.  Chocolate makes me happy.   So, when I learned that you could make chocolate extract I was stunned!  My mind filled with images of chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cakes, and chocolate brownies.  I thought, I've got to make this, and fast!

But I have found that you have to have patience in making any kind of extracts.  You have to let the extract brew for at least a month.  Don't let that stop you though, if you start now your extract will be ready in time for Halloween baking.  The chocolate extract when finished smells like chocolate utopia and is a little creamy and so smooth.  The extract will add that extra kick of chocolate to your baking that will put any dessert over the edge, in a good way!

Also, a very good reason to make your own extracts, is that for sure you know it will be vegan.  Not all vodkas are vegan, and you can make it organic.  It's a win-win!


1 cup organic vegan vodka 
3/4 cup organic cacao nibs

You will need a glass bottle that has a secure lid.  A mason jar works very well.

When extract is finished brewing I suggest storing it in an amber bottle.


In a large glass bottle add vodka and nibs.  Seal and gently swirl mixture.

Place bottle in a cool dark place.  Swirl mixture every few days.

After 1 month, strain extract through a fine sieve.  Pour extract into a bottle and keep stored in a dark cool place, like your pantry.  You can disgard the nibs.

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