Spirelli Spiral Cutter Review and Recipe!

This spiral cutter will be my "go to" gadget this summer when preparing meals.  My husband and I want to start eating more raw foods.  For me, it's hard to eat raw in the cooler months because I crave comfort foods when it's chilly outside.  This Spirelli cutter is easy to use and creates julienne strips out of raw veggies.  You can make carb free spaghetti! What a great way to make a fast and nutritious meal.

I made a side salad of cucumbers and carrots for dinner the other night.  Next, I added green olives, and a pinch of salt and pepper to a dressing made of olive oil and mustard.

I'll be posting more recipes as I create more meals in the coming weeks.

I purchased my Spirelli from Sir La Table for $29.95.  Go get yours today!


One medium organic cucumber
Two organic carrots
2 tablespoons organic olive oil
1 tablespoon organic mustard
12 olives, sliced

Spiral cut both cucumber and carrots into a large bowl, add olive oil, mustard, and olives.  Mix, add salt and pepper to taste.

*I discovered this product on my own and purchased it with my own money. This review was in no way endorsed by the aforementioned company.*

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  1. Cucumber and carrots are the most essential vegetables for any salads. HGE Spiralizer help in chopping all kind of herbs.


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