Vegan Field Roast Breakfast Sausage Review

When my family and I first became vegetarians, figuring out what to make for breakfast was a walk in the park. However, when we became vegan, breakfast became the most challenging meal of the day for me. How do I replace my scrambled eggs? Will I be able to eat pancakes still? My toast? What do I eat with my toast?!

Sounds difficult, doesn't it? At first, it was quite hard to figure out. We aren't huge cereal-eaters, but a smoothie would float sometimes.

I suppose having a big hearty breakfast must stem from my childhood. My mother would make a large breakfast on weekends. It prepared us for the day, be it a day of working in the yard or a day of just bumming around having fun. Having a large breakfast carried you over until lunch, and maybe even a little beyond. Whatever the reason for my need for a large breakfast, I had to figure out what I was going to do.

Once I started exploring and doing research I was found that maybe breakfast wasn't as difficult as I thought. Tofu replaced my scrambled eggs, and homemade pancakes were a breeze. There are so many new companies out there catering to the vegan lifestyle, and the list seems to be growing everyday.

One company in particular that has been a part of all our holidays is Field Roast.  Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without their Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute!

I was recently at my Whole Foods Market and was excited to see that Field Roast now has breakfast sausage! I presume this is a new product for them, or it has taken my Whole Foods a while to get it. Either way, I hoped that this item might become a part of our breakfast every weekend. I had no doubt that this sausage would be yummy - to me all their products are.

As I was preparing the sausage my hopes and expectations were very high, to say the least. After a few minutes in the cast iron skillet, they were ready. I plated them up and served them to my family. Actually, the first one to taste one of these "Saviors of Breakfast," was our 4-legged family member. Of course they did not disappoint, Kipper loved them as much as we did and continued to beg the whole time while we enjoyed our breakfast.

Thanks Field Roast for another outstanding product!

*I discovered this product on my own and purchased it with my own money. This review was in no way endorsed by the aforementioned company.*

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