Vegan Miso Rice Balls

I have been reading about vegan ultra-runner Scott Jurek's record breaking Appalachian Trail thru-hike of some 46 days. I found it quite interesting that one of his go to foods on the trail was miso rice balls. Although I am no ultra-runner, I just had to try making some of my own..


1 serving Organic Sushi Rice (or your favorite glutenous or sticky rice)

1 cup warm saltwater (for dipping your hands in only)

Miso Paste (I used Chickpea Miso)

Organic Dulce (sea vegetable - find this by the sea weeds and sushi ingredients or in an Asian Market)

Wasabi (I used the S&B prepared wasabi in a tube, find this near the dulce)

Optional: diced daicon and/or pickled vegetables

Optional Toppers: Teriyaki Sauce, Soy Sauce, Sriracaha Sauce


Prepare the rice per the instructions, I recommend a rice cooker for best results. Let the rice cool a bit bit, closer to room temperature.

Dip your fingers in the saltwater to keep the rice from sticking.

Start with about a teaspoon of miso paste, form a golf ball sized rice ball around the miso. Top with some dulce and a touch of wasabi. Now is an opportunity for some creativity, I also added some diced daicon to the inside of the rice ball and pickled veggies work great here as well! Get creative with toppers too; try soy sauce, teriyaki or some sriracha sauce.

Hope you enjoy these rice balls as much as my daughter and I did.

Written by guest blogger Jeff.

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