Make a Cutting Board from Downed Trees

I have wanted to make these cutting boards for the longest time, so needless to say I was very excited to start this project.  But on the other hand it brings me sadness because these pieces of walnut tree have come from my brother's trees that he cut down long ago at his home. My brother and sister-in-law will be moving out of state next month.  I have seen huge piles of wood on my brother's land for quit sometime but I always thought - next time I'll have him cut me some pieces, so no hurry.  Well, now it was now or never! My brother was kind enough to cut me some pieces and I will treasure the cutting boards that I make from them and think of him every time that I use them.

Okay, enough of being a downer!  I want this to be a happy post because this is my 100th blog post on myveganapron!  Time to celebrate!  So let's celebrate by making an item that everyone uses and would love to receive as a gift.  

Wouldn't cutting your veggies this Thanksgiving on a cutting board you made yourself impress your family and friends? Or, serve your guests vegan cheeses, crackers, and fruit on these lovely boards.

Not only can you use these for cutting boards but also for trivets, chargers, or plates.

I conditioned my pieces with organic walnut oil. Organic almond oil works too!

This project is a great way to recycle fallen trees.

Cut each disc at least 3 inches thick. 
You can leave the bark on or remove it.  My pieces are really dry so some of the bark has fallen off.  I think it adds character.  If you are using wood from a recent fallen tree, the bark will have a better chance of staying on, but let it dry out for at least a month before making into a cutting board.

You can sand the discs by hand with sand paper, a hand sander, or - as I used - an air compressor with a sander attatchment.
My brother showed me how to use the sander on my first piece, then I took over from there.

Sand smooth both the top and bottom. if the bark has fallen off you can smooth the sides also.

Clean the discs well after sanding using blasts of air or a tac cloth.

Using a soft cloth, apply oil on the top, bottom and sides of the discs.  

Apply several coats of oil. You may have to recondition the wood with more oil over a period of time.

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