Vegan A Purple Kale Smoothie

Ever since we bought our Vitamix, my breakfast has been a fruit smoothie. When it's time to clear the fridge of some produce, it's time to experiment and get creative. Unfortunately, "my creativity" often turns out a drink that is an unappetizing brown color. I was quite happy to see that the result of my experimentation this morning was a pretty purple color (even though it contained kale).

A Purple Kale Smoothie

1 organic banana
4 ounces of organic almond milk
4 ounces filtered water
1/3 cup frozen organic blueberries (if fresh add some ice to the drink)
3 organic red kale leaves (less the stems)

In a high speed blender (I of course prefer a variable speed Vitamix), in the order above, combine the ingredients. Slowly increase the speed up to high for approximately 20 seconds. 

The red kale is the key to the color; and to my taste, it is a bit sweeter than the green variety. 


This post was written by guest blogger Jeff.

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